Jason Kelce got married over the weekend. | Getty Images
Jason Kelce got married over the weekend. Getty Images

Beloved Eagles player and Philly icon, Jason Kelce, got married over the weekend, to fiance Kylie McDevitt, at the Logan Hotel.

The pair picked the right day to tie the knot, as the weather at their wedding on Saturday, April 21, couldn’t have been more perfect.

HughE Dillon of Philly Chit Chat reports that the wedding photographer was APG Collective, and that Kelce’s wedding ring came from CLIQ Jewelry, a favorite of many athletes on their big day, like Chase Utley and Connor Barwin.


A million hearts are breaking in Philly as @jasonkelce_eagles_62 makes one heart jump for joy as Jason Kelce marries Kylie McDevitt. I got a tip about six weeks ago from a customer when Jason bought the engagement ring and bands but I didn’t want to spoil his proposal. Congrats you two. Travis Kelce stopped by @genossteaks Saturday night after the reception #phillygossip #pccbuzz #phillyscene #flyesglesfly #jasonkelcegetsmarried #eagles #philly Photographers for the event have commented below. The Photographer for this shot is in question


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What makes it special is that the ring opens and closes, bypassing the knuckle. In addition, CLIQ rings are made in Philly, and for someone like Jason Kelce, that’s definitely a win-win.

And what were some remaining items on Kylie & Jason’s wedding registry from Target? (They’re just like us, aren’t they?)
Here's what's left:

- a black cast iron trivet ($14.99)
- 1 gallon penny jar ($6.49) 
- Acacia paper towel holder ($12.99)
- Acacia napkin holder ($12.99)
- 12 in. stoneware serving bowl ($19.99)
- stoneware serving platter ($18.99)

You can see the rest of the remaining items here.


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