Jennifer Lydon is a big fan of the tuna hoagie. | Photo: Jennifer Logue

Jennifer Lydon is a big fan of the tuna hoagie. | Photo: Jennifer Logue

When your schedule is jam-packed and there’s not much time to think about lunch, it’s a beautiful thing to know you can always go to Wawa. Philadelphians have a lot of love for this east coast convenience store chain with their plethora of on-the-go offerings that include their delicious hoagies.


Since Thursday, June 29 marks the 25th anniversary of Wawa Hoagie Day, a few Metro Philly staffers went on a lunchtime expedition to Wawa’s Broad and Walnut location and dished on their favorite hoagies. From meat-free to dairy-free to adding a little horseradish for an extra kick, you just might decide to change up your usual order.



Name: Aaron Jollay
Title: Copy Editor
Favorite Hoagie: “The roast beef shorti with swiss cheese, horseradish, lettuce, tomato, onions and spinach. The rich flavor and the horseradish really wakes you up.”


Name: Evan Macy
Title: Sports Editor
Favorite Hoagie: “Buffalo chicken steak without cheese, with grilled onions, lettuce, salt and pepper. I like the combination of the spicy buffalo sauce — I happen to really like Wawa's — with the buttery caramelized onions, a little spice diffusion and crunch from the lettuce and salt and pepper to intensify the chicken flavor. It's messy, so hard to eat while driving, but I do it anyway (my clothes pay the price sometimes) en route to work quite often.”


Name: Jennifer Logue
Title: Philly Features Editor
Favorite Hoagie: “My go-to is a turkey hoagie with spinach, tomato, onion and spicy mustard — usually on a whole wheat roll but sometimes I’ll change it up with a classic roll. I try to avoid dairy on days that I sing so the robust flavor of the spinach paired with the zestiness of the mustard makes me forget about missing cheese!”

Name: Susan Peiffer
Title: Associate Publisher
Favorite Hoagie: “I get a cheese shorti hoagie with pepper jack and provolone on a whole wheat roll with lettuce, tomatoes, roasted and hot peppers, oil and vinegar. Sometimes I’ll add honey mustard too. Since I’m a vegetarian, this is my only Wawa hoagie option."

Name: Jennifer Lydon
Title: Account Manager, Healthcare
Favorite Hoagie: “Tuna on toasted wheat with lettuce, tomato and onion. The tomato and onion livens it up and the crisp lettuce gives it a nice crunch.”

Name: David Williams
Title: Account Executive
Favorite Hoagie: “Chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, swiss, sweet or hot peppers depending on my mood. I love chicken salad, but as the feathered inferior to tuna, it cannot be trusted at other eateries, where I think it sits around for days.  But not at Wawa.  They’re shoveling it out by the minute!”

Name: Jennifer Fisher
Title: Account Executive, Classifieds
Favorite Hoagie: “Tuna on wheat with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and cucumbers. I have limited options because [I don’t eat meat] but I’d choose this regardless.”

So what are your favorite Wawa hoagies? Tell us in the comments below so we know what to eat for lunch next time!