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This actor just got ridiculously lean for Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin Deadpool 2

Having fought off the likes of Brad Pitt, David Harbour and Michael Shannon to get the role of Cable in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin has sparked a lot of interest in moviegoers who have been eager to see exactly what he looks like as the character. That wait is finally over, because Ryan Reynolds has now taken to Twitter to give us our first look at Cable, and, simply put, he looks awesome. 

Ryan Reynolds didn’t just give us a peek at Josh Brolin’s face, though. He wouldn’t be so coy.

Soon after uploading the above image Reynolds gave us a full on body shot of Josh Brolin’s Cable. This not only showed off his eclectic arsenal of weapons and teased the techno virus that has turned most of his left-side into a cyborg, but it also revealed that Cable carries a ragged but still undoubtedly cuddle teddy bear around with him, too. 

Why the teddy bear? Well, in the build-up to the release of Deadpool, one piece of promotional material showed the Merc With The Mouth brazenly pointing a gun at a harmless teddy bear. When CinemaBlend caught up with the character’s co-creator Rob Liefeld, they quizzed him about Cable’s bear, who revealed that he “took it from Deadpool,” which suggests it’s the same bear.

We can expect Deadpool and Cable to almost certainly come to blows over this thievery. From the looks of things, Cable will have the upper hand, as another image uploaded to Twitter by Ryan Reynolds fully showcased 49-year-old Josh Brolin’s pecks and muscles, and underlined just how much of a physical force he will be in the film.

All of which suggests that Josh Brolin’s Cable will be the perfect foil to Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson in the hugely anticipated Deadpool follow-up. Production on Deadpool 2 is still ongoing, but it is still on schedule to be released into cinemas on June 1, 2018.

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