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This brilliant map shows the best spots to cry in NYC

Crying in Public NYC

“How blue can you make me / How long till I heal / How can I go on loving you when you’re gone / How blue can I feel?” croons Reba McEntire on her 1984 hit “How Blue.” And that’s totally the reason you’re casually day-crying, right? Well, even if you don’t have the excuse of a sad song popping up on shuffle to usher in the wave of tears, NYC may have very well become a better place to get your sniffling on. 

Curbed, the popular real estate and architecture news website, has released a crying map of the absolute, best-ever, bring-the-Kleenex-box spots to cry in New York City. Their top 10 picks range from a visit to the theaters of the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side to making it rain sadness aboard the G train during off-peak hours. 

We’re partial to Chelsea Piers, the waterside locale they listed primarily for its “location and scenery,” but also home to countless weddings and high school reunions, which are bound to make you shed a tear or 800. If you feel a tad exposed in Chelsea, there’s also Tudor City Greens by the United Nations, which, if you’re lucky, may offer a touch more privacy (and the automatic excuse of “greenery that you can easily play [off] like you’re crying due to allergies, should you need to”). According to the map, the Queens and Bronx are happy zones, free of weeping and sadness.

If you need more inspiration, they also call out NYC Crying Guide, which has been documenting the prime spots (and absolute worst destinations) to cry in the city since 2014. And if you’re anything like 97 percent of New Yorkers and feel stressed from an overwhelming job, crazy demanding apartment hunt, or running into an ex on the subway when you’re wearing gym clothes, this blog may come in handy.

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