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This bud’s for you

Jeff Wallace, Whole Foods Market Beer Buyer for New York City, whipped up a home brew so perfect for warm weather days, Harpoon Brewery produced a large batch of it. Hurry and get a growler (or three) full of their limited-edition Saison Liaison before it runs out. Wallace promises it is the perfect accompaniment to barbecues. He also dishes on what to serve at your picnics, pool parties and even with your ice cream.

Lobster rolls

Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

“You need a fresh hoppy pale ale for seafood. This one’s got a nice citrus-y quench. It’s a great palate cleanser that helps wash away some of the brininess from fresh seafood.”

Picnic (fried chicken and corn on the cob)

Weihenstephaner Original Premium

“This is a filtered wheat beer that’s great for hot weather. It’s bread-y and it has a crisp, clean, bitter finish. Also, it’s not too sweet or too bitter so it lets your meal shine while quenching your thirst.”

Tacos and Guac

Green Flash West Coast IPA

“Tacos go best with an IPA. The bitterness you get from an IPA is great with spicy foods. Green Flash West Coast IPA takes some of the heat away.”

Summer Weddings

Allagash White Ale

“It’s a craft beer’s answer to Blue Moon. This is a Belgian white beer with hints of clove, banana and citrus. It’s a crowd pleaser and is perfect for a hot day.”


Harpoon Brewery Saison Liaison

“Any Belgian Saison is great for barbecues because they are light bodied and not too overpowering. And it’s not super filing so you can grab seconds and thirds.”

Pool party

Pilsner Urquell

“It’s easy going. It’s not too bitter or malty, which is great for sitting in the sun or moving day.”

Pies and desserts

Nøgne ø Imperial Stout

“Stouts make great dessert beers. People think of them as heavy but they pair well with sweets because they’ve got the same qualities of desserts such as a slight chocolate-y finish and a roasted quality similar to coffee.

This beer also makes a great ice cream float — one of my favorites.”

Try Wallace’s ice cream float

½ bottle Nøgne ø Stout

1 scoop of Phin & Phebes Vietnamese Iced Coffee ice cream

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