This cupcake has black garlic in it, how metal are you? - Metro US

This cupcake has black garlic in it, how metal are you?

Black Garlic Truffle Cupcake

Italian food’s popularity can be chalked up to two things: amazing use of carbs and garlic. But can the pungent herb work in sweet dishes, too?

That’s the experiment that pastry chef Michelle Spell at her New Jersey bakery,Ava’s Cupcakes,and the results were good enough to put on the menu. “I have always loved to push the envelope between savory and sweet,” Spell tells us about the inspiration for the treat. With her Italian heritage, it was natural to reach for garlic.

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The result, brave readers, is a milk chocolate cupcake filled with black garlic-chocolate truffle,topped with chocolate buttercream, a sprinkle of sea saltand a roasted black garlic chip.

“When garlic ferments over time it develops a deep, dark color; changes in texture from a crisp bulb to a soft, whipped texture; and the best partis the rich molasses-like flavor that it develops,” Spell tells us.”The color, texture, and flavor make it perfect for sweet-and-salty dessert profile.”

Intrigued? The Black Garlic Truffle Cupcakeisavailable for a limited time;try it for yourself by orderingonline.

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