This exists: Burger King is testing out a bacon sundae – Metro US

This exists: Burger King is testing out a bacon sundae

Why does this stuff only ever happen in places that are not where we live? We hear, from all sorts of buzz on the Interwebs, that Burger King is testing out a bacon sundae in Nashville, Tenn., just about a week after we learned that Cool Ranch Dorito tacos were being tested out at Taco Bell.

Of late, Burger King has gotten the reputation of being a follower, having fallen from second to third top national fast food restaurant after failing to adapt to the more health-conscious consumer until just recently, when it unveiled a line of healthy salads, smoothies and snack wraps that strongly resemble those that are already offered at number one national chain, McDonald’s and the new number two, Wendy’s.

But the new Burger King innovation isn’t borrowing from those two this time. As a matter of fact, they’re swiping the idea from Denny’s, which offered a bacon maple sundae last year and Jack in the Box’s bacon milkshake, which was almost unanimously thought of as being disgusting. Unlike its predecessors, however, Burger King promises to make their sundae with actual bacon cooked on the premises. Way to keep it real, BK.