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This guy wants to give you his first class ticket, but you’ll have to find him first

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Gilbert Ott wants to give you the first-class travel experience. Photo: Instagram

If you’re like most travelers, the closest you ever get to first class is walking through it on your way to economy seating, but catching glimpses of the champagne, extra leg room and person pillows sure does make it look pretty good.

Well, one travel blogger is looking to share the wealth — so to speak — and has promised to swap his first or business class seat with any passenger that happens to spot him in an airport — provided they’re booked on the same flight, that is.

Gilbert Ott, who runs the blog, God Save The Points, is calling his little game the “Catch Me If You Can Challenge,” and all you have to do is keep your eye out for the blue-eyed, scratchy-faced blogger and that coveted first-class ticket could be yours.

The contest is on through Dec. 31.

“You may need a little bit of luck, but if you find me in an airport: check in counter, security lane, terminal, lounge or even boarding gate, I’ll switch seats with you, provided we’re on the same flight,” Ott wrote of the contest.

“Yep, I’m flying to all these places in business or first class this year, and you can get upgraded- just for following this page. All you have to do is say “Gilbert, GodSaveThePoints. I want your seat”, or something like that…”

The airlines are loving Ott’s contest — British Airways has even teamed up with Ott to collaborate on a prize. If you are lucky enough to catch Ott before he boards a British Airways flight, you could be one of 10 people who receive a free upgrade.

So how do you find him?

It won’t be easy, but you can follow Ott’s posts on Twitter and Instagram for clues on where the avid traveler is jetting off to next. 

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