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This is the perfect dessert for celebrating Pride Month in NYC

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You can find almost anything in New York City, which means it should be no surprise that there’s a whole array of different rainbow desserts throughout the city and its different boroughs. But though we love the fact that you can celebrate Pride Month 2018 with a sweet tour to sample all these different treats, there’s one rainbow dessert that stands out as the perfect bite for capturing the beauty of Pride in New York specifically. It’s made by Dana’s Bakery.

You might know Dana’s Bakery for its perfection of the subtle art of the macaron, those finicky icons of French elegance in the pastry world. Dana Pollack is the creative force behind the bakery, which pumps out monthly makeovers of the classic macarons, including fun youthful flavors like Churro, Fruity Cereal, Peach Bellini and Thin Mint. But she and her bakery can do far more than that, and their rainbow dessert released this month is perfect proof.

Is this the best rainbow dessert for Pride Month 2018 in NYC?

Meet the rainbow black-and white-cookie, equal parts Pride and New York tradition. That’s what makes it so perfect for everyone celebrating Pride Month 2018 in NYC. New York is imbued with LGBTQ+ history, so it’s only fitting that a perfect celebratory sweet capture both the city and the community. “The black-and-white cookie is an iconic New York dessert that I grew up eating,” Dana told Metro US about the invention of this colorful cookie. “It’s one of my favorites and it was about time that we that we put that Dana’s Bakery twist on it,” she added of the decision to dye it with the rainbow hues.

Like the classic, Dana’s black-and-white cookie are iced with fondant and chocolate fondant and feature a subtle pop of citrus thanks to a hint of lemon hiding in the treat. Beneath that you’ll find the traditional vanilla cookie. Unlike the cookie you know from around New York, however, this one’s tinted to take on the vivid colors of the rainbow and is made with a special blend of potato and rice flours so it’s gluten-free friendly and kosher — but regular eaters won’t know the difference.

dana's bakery rainbow cookies pride month 2018

Get the rainbow black-and-white cookies from Dana’s Bakery

Eager to stock up to share with friends and fellow revelers during NYC’s Pride Parade? (That sugar rush can help you power through the celebrations and the crowds well into the evening.) The rainbow black-and-white cookies from Dana’s Bakery, thanks to their instant popularity, are here to stay. That means there’s no rush to get them during Pride Month 2018, although they’re well worth the effort, but we’ll break down how you can get your hands on a dozen.



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The cookies are available at Dana’s shop-in-shop at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC as well as her Williamsburg North 3rd Street Market location when it opens on Tuesday, June 19. Each cookie will cost you $3.50. You can also order them online through danasbakery.com, where you can get them in bulk: a box of 6 for $21 or a dozen for $42.