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This is the reason Jenny Slate and Chris Evans broke up

Jenny Slate is finally, FINALLY, opening up about her break up with Captain America himself, Chris Evans. And it will give you every single feel.

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Slate, 34, and Evans, 35, met while playing love interests in “Gifted.” And as she tells Vulture, she hadn’t really expected to start a romance with the Marvel star. “I first really liked Chris as a person because he is so unpretentious,” she says. “[And] to be quite honest, I didn’t think I was his type. I mean, I understand why I think I’m beautiful, but if you’ve had a certain lifestyle and I’m a very, very different type of person — I don’t want to be an experiment.”

Ultimately, the two broke up because Slate felt she had rushed into the relationship, and because, well, you have to admit the two are very apples and oranges, ya dig?

“When Chris and I started dating, my husband and I had only been separated for a couple of months,” she confesses. “I don’t mind talking about [Chris] at all,” she continues. “[But] we’re very, very different.”

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You know, I’m just getting into the idea of these two with the romance and the heavy petting. So actually? If you guys could do me a favor and start dating again, that would be great.