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This new app wants to be the Tinder of the job hunting world


One new job app says it wants to make applying to jobs as simple as liking someone on a dating site.

The job search tool Snagajob has just unveiled its new mobile app that it says will connect job seekers and local employers within minutes.

“Right now is the time to search for seasonal jobs,” says Kim Costa, a job coach and Senior Marketing Analyst with Snagajob.“Seasonal hiring is really the time to get your foot in the door,” she adds.

Costa says the app is a great way for potential employees to stand out from the crowd. After surveying both companies and job seekers, Snagajob’s researchers found that both groups were frustrated by the amount of paperwork involved in the application process.

“Job seekers said they wanted to show that they were more than a piece of paper,” Costa explains. “Employers said the same thing.”

Simplifying the process

The app takes away the hassles of paperwork by allowing users to select from a list of companies with positions available. They then have to simply include their name, contact information and schedule availability.

“The employers we talked to said they look for things like personality, flexibility and scheduling as the most important things when considering a candidate,” says Costa.

Remember to follow up

But the application process doesn’t stop once you’ve filled out the form. Costa stresses that all serious applicants should follow up in person to ensure they meet someone in person. “Wait two to five days and then go in during a down period in the day,” says Costa.

Step into the spotlight

Another unique way for applicants to stand out is to include a 30 second video using an in-app. “It’s basically a chance to make a commercial of yourself,” Costa explains.

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