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This new fitness vertical hopes to change the way you look at your home workout

Workout apps are a great and convenient complement to your normal fitness routine, but can they replace the camaraderie and results you get from your daily gym fix?

A New York City based fitness app says its latest development in at-home fitness tech will be more productive — and fun — than your workout at the latest trendy boutique. 

Sculpt, which launched on Tuesday, is the latest fitness app to attempt to make living room lunges and other at-home workouts more productive. Developed by the creators of Studio, the New York City-based treadmill-centric app that promised (and delivered) to take the mundane out of boring treadmill workouts, Sculpt, the newest addition to the Studio app, promises it can make at-home workouts as high-octane as any boxing or bootcamp studio in the city.

Best of all, through biometric data, Sculpt will bring real-time competition — and a group training community to your living room with a real-time leaderboard that allows you to measure your results with virtual class participants throughout the world.

“We deliver an even better experience than an actual class setting,” says Lisa Niren, Studio’s head instructor and director of content and programming. “We can experiment with content, and instead of being limited to a few dozen people per class in a brick and mortar, Sculpt also allows thousands of members to participate in a class.”

Niren says Sculpt will “combine strength training, metabolic conditioning, stretching, high intensity interval training, calisthenics and body-weight exercises and compound movements” Sculpt will provide an original workout each day for all fitness levels, instructed by some of the country’s elite trainers.

“We were the first to deliver the boutique fitness experience on the treadmill and outdoors last year,” Niren says. “Sculpt allows us to not only deliver an amazing cardio workout, but also amazing strength training, metabolic conditioning, high intensity interval training, calisthenics and bodyweight workouts.”

A home workout at your own pace

According to Niren, Sculpt workouts aren’t just a one-size-fits-all program. The program intensities range from boutique fitness those ready to crush a personal best, from 10-minutes quick HIITs when you’re on the go to 45-minute all-out burners as if you’re getting fight fit — right in your living room. And you’re doing it to Sculpt’s eclectic, high-energy playlist.

“We’ve taken the core elements of boutique fitness, content and community, and put them in your pocket,” Niren says. “We take the world’s best instructors with backgrounds from places like Peloton and SoulCycle to motivate members physically and most importantly, mentally.  Our content is entertainment.”  

One of the drawbacks of at-home workouts can be the lack of one-on-one coaching and corrective instruction. Sculpt addresses that by providing comprehensive explanations to each exercise movement. Don’t know how to do a burpee. Hit pause and Sculpt’s exercise library will show you in every agonizing detail.  

“We want every class to feel like an incredible boutique fitness experience with the power of the collective community while making each member feel like they are getting an individualized experience.” Niren says.