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This season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ is gonna be lit

In the upcoming season of “Orange is the New Black,” it’s time for a revolution.

Netflix has released a new trailer for the hit series, and this time, the women of Litchfield are not messing around.

Season 5 will pick up where last season left off. Spoilers ahead. After Poussey’s death, a riot breaks out, and the inmates — who are sick, tired, fed up, etc. — get their first taste of sweet, sweet power. Naturally, chaos ensues.

The series will explore the aftermath in real time over the course of three days. And as serious as it is — with our prison friends fighting against abuse and for justice — it’s still the tragicomedy we all know and love. Everyone is there! Taystee! Crazy Eyes! Piper (Taylor Schilling) even makes a brief appearance in the trailer. (LOL, remember when she was the main character? Thank goodness that’s over.)

Of the season’s shortened time span, Schilling told The Hollywood Reporter that it’s all about raising the stakes. “In prison, the real stakes of your life are so heightened, it’s as heightened as it can be because your life is falling apart. But the collective stakes for the first time are heightened. Where everyone is dealing with the same crisis and has the same issue and in that, it’s really interesting to see alliances come together and what parts of people come to shine. It’s very cool to have everybody on the same mission together. There are some scenes where we’re all together [like last season’s death scene], but this season still breaks it up a bit with all the characters.”

Excited yet? OITNB’s fifth season will premiere on Friday, June 9. Although, some hackers who unironically named themselves The Dark Overlord did leak ten episodes early in May. So maybe you’ve seen them already, if your morals are firmly set to “whatever it takes to see ‘Orange is the New Black’ as soon as possible.”

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