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This smart mug can heat up or cool down your drink in minutes

People are particularly picky when it comes to what temperature they like their beverage and getting it right can be a tricky business. A new mug called the Yecup 365, created by Armenian company Yecup Technologies, is a smart double layer stainless steel container, which can heat fluids to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and cool them to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, through an adjustable thermostat. The temperature of the mug is controlled using a Bluetooth connected mobile app, with a swipe dial. Owners are alerted via push notifications when their drink has reached their desired temperature. It’s also possible to save favorite temperature presets and charge phones and tablets up to three times per day. Janna Barseghyan, co-founder of Yecup, explains how her love for a good cuppa inspired the project.

How did the Yecup project idea come about?

The Yecup project officially started in January 2015. In this period we (the wife and husband co-founders, Janna and Vigen) were traveling to Russia and Sweden—very cold places. During our stay, we naturally started using mugs and cups for hot beverages. I must say we are fond of coffee and tea. This is how we realized the need for something more than a mug, a new smart mug, which would make this process easier and faster. Yecup 365 was developed and prototyped in the summer of 2015, when we gathered a team of professionals. They all loved the idea and worked on the project day and night. In 2016 we launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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How does Yecup work?

Yecup has patented cooling and heating technology. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth and changes the temperature of the drink to the desired degree with the help of peltier elements and batteries.

What about the materials?

All of the components come from the U.S.-based DigiKey company; the mug is made of double layer stainless steel, with a BPA-free lid and base. The app sends push notifications as soon as the drink is ready and the logo on the mug turns red and blue, depending on the temperature of the drink inside the mug.

What advantages does the Yecup offer over a regular mug?

Yecup is practical and useful. It works wirelessly, which means you can carry Yecup with you anywhere: the office, around [school], in the streets or in the car. When plugged into the car, Yecup performs twice as fast. Yecup also shows the real-time temperature of the drink. The most amazing thing about this product is its cooling ability. Now even in hot seasons, your mug will stay cool.

Yecup is currently only available on Indiegogo for the price of $159, including a wireless charging dock and a name engraving service. The product is expected to ship from November 2016.

—Daniel Casillas

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