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This smartwatch can keep tabs on your child

A new piece of wearable tech promises to give parents peace of mind by keeping an eye on their offspring.

DokiWatch, which features 3G-enabled video calling, texting, smart location monitoring and SOS alarms, claims to be the world’s most advanced smartwatch. The device, created by Los Angeles-based Doki Technologies, has a three-centimeter touchscreen, rugged strap and connects to a parent’s phone through a dedicated app. Team member Joyce Chung explains why the DokiWatch is the safe way to keep tabs on your child.

Q: Why did you decide to develop the DokiWatch?

Founder Casper Chien previously worked in strategic marketing and product development for other technology companies such as Fitbit and this gave him insight into the wearable technology industry. He became dissatisfied with the lack of smart wearables designed with both kids and parents in mind and that’s why he created DokiWatch.

Q: How does Doki work?

DokiWatch is a 3G-enabled smartwatch that combines multiple communication options such as video and voice calling and messaging capabilities, with GPS tracking and SOS alert functions in one simple device. Similar to a smartphone, it requires a micro SIM card with voice and data services.

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Q: Who is this device aimed at?

It’s aimed at the modern family. Kids these days have busy schedules — thanks to extracurricular activities and class—away from parents’ watchful eyes. DokiWatch helps bridge that gap in communication and keeps families connected at all times.

Q: Why do you think that parents want to locate and track their children?

The safety of children is of the utmost importance to parents and the Doki Technologies team. The safety and tracking features in DokiWatch are a key component of the device. We have included these functions to give parents the peace of mind of knowing that their children are safe.

Q: What do you think kids will like best about this device?

Not only does DokiWatch have a cool, sleek, kid-approved design, it also includes fun interactive features for kids such as “dokiPet,” a virtual pet that also acts as a fitness tracker, which encourages kids to stay healthy and active.

Q: Could children feel that this watch invades their privacy?

Only parents and preset contacts have access to calling and tracking the child. We do not view the communication and safety functions as an invasion of privacy. It is a way for parents to be more involved in their children’s daily lives and ensure their safety and well-being.

Q: When will device hit the market?

DokiWatch is set to hit the market in May of this year and will retail at $179.

– ByDaniel Casillas, MWN

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