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This summer jello cocktail will make you feel like a kid again

Fat Monk Cocktail

Summer is for bad decisions, right? Drinking too much, getting sunburned, having a fling. Well, there’s a new cocktail in town that will encourage your ne’er-do-well, youthful impulses: it’s a Jagermeister cocktail served in a Jello-O lime cup and it’s called “Getting Jiggle With it.”  

The tropical bev makes its debut at The Fat Monk on Wednesday, June 21, which is the Summer Solstice. The Upper West Side gastropub is from celebrity chef Rob McCue, whom you might know from season 8 of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen” competitive cooking show.  

The playful and refreshing cocktail combines Jagermeister, simple syrup, fresh pineapple juice, elderflower, fresh lemon, Aperol and sliced cantaloupe, blended and strained into a jiggly Jell-O lime cup. It’s basically begging to be Instagrammed. 

The creator of “Getting Jiggle” is bartender Cody Goldstein, mixologist and founder of Muddling Memories cocktail and bar consulting firm. He’s behind countless pretty, creative potions, like the rainbow waffle and negroni pairing he did for The Horny Ram for Negroni Week.  

“Think of this like the alternative to frose on a nice hot day,” he says of the drink. “The cantaloupe breaks down really well into a slushy texture which we then add some elderflower, pineapple and Aperol to give it a little more sweetness. Using Jägermeister as an herbaceous and cool twist balances the sweetness and add some really great body to the drink.”  

He also says he wanted to challenge the “stigma” of Jagermeister as just a drink for shots and parties. “This is kind of my fun little wink to anyone who grew up drinking Jägermeister and to educate those who may not be familiar with the brand to show them other ways of drinking it.”  

The drink debuts on Wednesday, June 21, on the Summer Solstice, and will be available during Saturday and Sunday brunch service for the two weeks following. Get ready to get crunk. 

 For more info, visit the Fat Monk NYC.

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