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This week: Lindt bunnies to whales

Writer’s Block/Sticks Like my Gangsta Glock

Rap Emcees who can’t finish a lyric can get bailed out by Jesse Kramer. He runs a hiphop ghostwriter service, a hired gun for up and comers and authentic pros who need help to seal the deal.

Jesse’s company is called Rap Rebirth and his rates are reasonable: hook $49.99, verse $99.99, song $349.99. Just tell him the style you’re rockin’ and he does the rest.

Bunny Wars
Lindt, the makers of the gold-foil wrapped chocolate Easter bunny with the red neck ribbon, have prevailed in a lawsuit against a rival bunny maker who also wraps their rabbits in gold foil and a red ribbon. The rival rabbit makers have been ordered by a Vienna court to stop pumping out their bogus bunnies. “Our bunny is magical,” Lindt’s managers say, “and we will protect it.”

Will iPhone 5 Have NFC?
NFC (Near Field Communication) is new technology that will let you ride the bus or make a purchase just by tapping your device on a reader. Credit programs could be run through iTunes as well as customer loyalty schemes. Just tap and go.

NFC will be included on Apple’s next iPad and iPhone, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Does Your Baby have a Flat Head?
A new study in a pediatric journal says the incidence of newborns developing flat heads (plagiocephaly) is increasing 21 per cent per year and no one knows why. The study thinks it might simply be better detection. But some think the “Back to Sleep” program, which advises parents to encourage infants to sleep on their back, is affecting the development of babies’ tiny skulls.

President Obama 100% black
Barack Obama indicated he was not mixed race, but black, on his American census form. The census allows multiple answers to reflect mixed race, but Obama ticked only one when he filled out his form on Monday.

L.A. times columnist Gregory Rodriguez says “Obama chose to identify firmly on one side of the historic racial divide.”

Things Found Inside an 11 Metre Grey Whale:
Duct tape, electrical tape, sock, sweatpant leg, towel, fishing line, golf ball, green rope, nylon braided rope, red plastic cylinder, CapriSun juice pack, 26 fragments of plastic bag, sandwich bag, Ziplock bag, rubbery string and surgical glove.

The dead whale was examined by cetologists near Seattle. Vast areas of the ocean are filled with garbage and no one is sure how to clean it up.

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