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— Updating your status, “liking” your friends’ photos and sharing videos don’t really seem like activities that are all that academic. Time spent social networking can certainly distract from studies. However, a new study shows that spending time on Facebook might not be the culprit for suffering G.P.A.’s — but that depends on what exactly you’re doing on Facebook. Find out more here.

— Today’s college students own an average of six digital devices and one of them is most likely a smartphone. According to a recent survey, smart phone ownership among the college crowd jumped to 42 percent, just in the last year. That makes campuses a hot bed of opportunity for hackers. A new study by researchers at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center reveals that smart phone users have an increased vulnerability to getting hacked. Read more about it here.

— The process of choosing the college where you will spend your next four years can be a very confusing time. You must navigate through a sea of decisions and options, sometimes only to be met with more uncertainty: the wait list. A recent study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling shows that more students are finding themselves on wait lists this year compared to last year. The reasons explained here.

— The Occupy Colleges movement continues to gain traction online and through social networking. Students are were called on to participate in a nationwide walkout and solidarity protest to show support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Learn more about the Occupy Colleges movement here.

— Long live scientists and engineers! Down with anthropologists! That seems to be the message Florida Governor Rick Scott was getting at during an interview with the Herald-Tribune. Scott was discussing his agenda for higher education, including giving the boot to professors deemed “unproductive,” taking a closer look at faculty job security and sending more funding to STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering and math). Do you agree? Read more of his comments here.

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