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This weekend, get your Crush on

Instead of sticky club floors, stale beer and horrid acoustics, on your next night out, why not enjoy music the tasteful way at City Winery? The vast Hudson Square establishment (located on the western edge of SoHo) is the city’s only functioning winery that also features a state-of-the-art music venue (and with 300 seats, an intimate listening experience) with a restaurant. And if you’ve been meaning to check it out, this Saturday would be ideal as they put on their Third Annual New York City Cab Crush – Harvest Party, where revelers can witness the making of wine from five tons of grapes shipped from California.

“We already have over 300 people coming to participate and enjoy the Crush. We’re opening up and showing people just how great wine is made from great grapes. It’s as primal as it gets,” says Alex Baldwin, the marketing manager of City Winery. “Old and young alike can participate in the Crush and take part in helping us make great wines. It’s live music, wine tastings, food, entertainment and education all rolled into one. It can’t be beat.”

But, be warned: This Crush is not for those into instant gratification. “If all goes to plan then this wine will be ready for consumption toward the middle of 2012. The 2010 Cabernet will require approximately 12 to 14 months in an oak barrel before being ready. With all of the aging and different steps between raw fruit and finished wines, the 2010 vintage will be ready for people to pick up then.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones who helps make the wine, you’ll also be one of the first ones who gets to try it.

“Everyone who helps in the Crush will be notified when the wine is ready and get first stab at buying the finished products,” says Baldwin.

Upcoming shows

Can’t make it to this weekend’s Crush? Don’t worry. There are plenty of upcoming shows.

» Nov. 11 to 13: Singer/songwriters Shawn Colvin and Lauren Shera
» Nov. 15: Katherine Jenkins, a young, Welsh, pop-opera crossover star
» Nov. 23: Drink Bravely For the Holidays / Mark Oldman. This tasting, wine class and book signing with wine personality Oldman lets you grab an autographed copy of Mark’s newest book, two bottles of wine and a dinner for half the normal price.
» Nov. 23:?Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

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