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This week’s top stories on EducationOption

This week on EducationOption

— While young Americans under the age of 30 are the hardest hit by unemployment, there is a glimmer of hope for one particular group of them: MBA graduates. Recent research shows that the class of 2011 has much better employment prospects than the last two classes before it. Find out why here.

— There are no suspicious glances from the student at the next desk over, no looming walk-by’s from the class professor. In an online course, it’s just you and your computer. And, according to one recent study, that can open the door for cheating. Read more here about how much easier it is for students in online classes to give themselves some extra help.

— A group of students at Ohio University, a school famous for its raucous Halloween tradition, is calling on students to think twice about what they consider to be racist costumes. In a new poster campaign, OU students of different ethnic backgrounds hold photographs of other students wearing costumes depicting stereotypes about their cultures. Do you agree with the message? Weigh in here.

— We already know that technology has pretty much replaced the library when it comes to the study habits of students. Most students today prefer to do their research online rather than hit the stacks, and most wouldn’t know how to use research materials in the library anyway, one study found. Ironically, though, students are finding the library useful for something, according to a recent study– a distraction from technology. Find the full story here.

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