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Threat won’t halt plans for interchange, mayor says

Despite the threat of a lawsuit by the Tsuu T’ina Nation, Mayor Dave Bronconnier said the city will go ahead with plans for the 37th Street and Glenmore Trail interchange.

Whatever the motive may be for the Tsuu T’ina Nation’s threats, Bronconnier said he would continue to do what is in the best interests of the city and its citizens.

“I’m not sure what the strategy of the Tsuu T’ina may be, but Calgarians’ perspective is we waited five years for a decision, the people voted no, and we will respect their decision and continue on,” Bronconnier said.

In a letter sent to the mayor this month, Chief Sanford Big Plume put the city “on notice” that the Tsuu T’ina Nation “does not consent to any road construction on or near Tsuu T’ina Nation lands.”

Bronconnier said the interchange is being constructed to ease congestion and on the city’s land.
“Our motives are simply to fix the roads, and we don’t need to ask for their approval,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Tsuu T’ina did not return repeated calls for comment.

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