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Three Day Rule matchmakers to get their white-gloved hands dirty in Boston

These days, you can hire someone to take care of just about any little errand you could possibly imagine.

Need something delivered? Hit up Postmates. Don’t feel like doing your own laundry? Give Lazybones a ring.

But if you’re interested in sparing your Saturday night and hiring a professional to sort through all of those potentially appalling dates, Three Day Rule is there, white-gloves and all.

“We launched last Wednesday and there are already a lot of people in our dating pool,” said McKenzie Faucher, Boston’s new Three Day Rule matchmaker.

“So there is a lot of interest. I’m very busy, but it’s exciting.” Faucher’s job is simple – scout out people who fit her clients’ ideal, meet them face-to-face, interview them, and let the personalized matchmaking begin.

The company is made up of all female matchmakers, many of whom have left successful corporate careers in favor of helping singles find happiness.

Faucher, who formerly worked with the Sales and Trading teams at Investment Technology Group and Jefferies in Boston, is no different. “I do feel like I’ve been unofficially matchmaking my whole life,” said Faucher.

“I have a passion for helping my friends navigate the challenges of the dating world. This was finally a chance to turn it into a really awesome career.”

Originally launched in Los Angeles, the matchmaking company has branches in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and most recently, Boston, and plans to be in 20 additional markets by the end of 2015. Talia Goldstein, founder & CEO of Three Day Rule, left a career as a television producer at E! Entertainment to start the company in 2010.

She sheds some light on why anyone would opt for hiring a matchmaker instead of giving the dating world a go all on their own. “People are just very busy, more career focused than ever,” said Goldstein.

“And I think technology plays a really big role. They are overwhelmed. There are tons of dating apps, and they’re not sure if the people online are looking for the same thing they want.”

Anyone can join the TDR dating pool for free, though singles can opt for a 6-month package that includes feedback after every day, expert date coaching and a personal styling session.

That package however, comes with a price tag of $5,000. A shorter three-month package runs $3,500.

According to the U.S. Census 2013, there are 105 million singles ages 18 and older in the U.S.

-This group makes up 44% of the population

-53% women; 47% men

-62% have never been married, 24% are divorced, 14% are widowed

-There are 87 single men 18+ for every 100 single women 18+

-According to a recent study quoted in The Chicago Tribune, the online dating industry is currently a $2.1 Billion business

-40% of all dating singles say they use online dating services as a way to find a partner

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