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Three things to watch for in the World Cup Final

1. Spain Wins The Klose Ones – Spain trailed only once in the World Cup in its opening match, a 1-0 loss to Switzerland. Since then, it has consistently gotten a lead and held onto it. Most impressive, Spain has won four straight games in this World Cup by a one-goal margin. It’s backline was gritty on Wednesday against Germany, shutting down top striker Miroslav Klose and limiting his chances.

2. Dutch Masters of the Midfield – The Dutch field a fantastic team and are fluid in their midfield movement. When watching the Netherlands, never watch the ball but the players off the ball. This team is masters of ball control, precision movement and overlapping runs that stretch other teams. Midfielders Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and forward Robin van Persie interchange very well. Their shoes, clearly aren’t wooden.

3. The Backlines — Finals of the World Cup are often tight, timid affairs where neither team wants to make the first mistake. Spain has not conceded a goal in the knockout stages and just two all tournament, an impressively stingy mark. Holland, on the other, has more holes in their backline than a little Dutch boy has fingers to plug. Spain must be given the edge if this is a scoreless game late – it has a proven track record in this World Cup of getting the job done.