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Three ways to get your lifts in at home

If all this talk of lifting weights has you intimidated, you can start doing some simple lifts at home. According to Harvard University’s HealthBEAT, lifting weights improves muscle strength, bone density, and balance. Here are three exercises you can do at home using a chair that has armrests.

1. SEATED BRIDGE: Sit slightly forward in the chair with your hands on the armrests. Slowly raise your bum off the chair until you’re almost standing. Slowly sit back down.

2. TRICEPS DIP: Put your chair against a wall. Sit in the chair and put your feet together flat on the floor. Put your hands on the armrests of the chair. Lift yourself up a few inches by straightening out your arms. Slowly let yourself back down.

3. STANDING CALF RAISE: Stand behind the chair and hold onto the back of it. Raise yourself up on tiptoe, then lower yourself back down.

For each of these exercises, do eight to 12 repetitions. Rest and repeat the set.

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