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Thursday morning gossip round-up: David Beckham likes the color pink

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Despite her ongoing legal troubles and reports of her being difficult to work with, Lindsay Lohan insists she’s keeping calm and carrying on. So what’s her secret? “Family,” she tells E! News. “You can’t get through anything without the family. Family is everything.” Lohan, it should be noted, has had public meltdowns with her mom, Dina Lohan, in recent months, and her dad, Michael Lohan, has been pushing on numerous occasions for and intervention and rehab for his daughter.

Bruce Willis, star of many bullet-ridden films, thinks it’s a mistake to try to link violence in entertainment with real-life shootings like the recent incidents in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. “No one commits a crime because they saw a film. There’s nothing to support that,” Willis tells the Associated Press. “We’re not making movies about people that have gone berserk, or gone nuts. Those kind of movies wouldn’t last very long at all.” Furthermore, Willis isn’t a fan of more gun control legislation. “I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone,” he says “If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn’t they take all your rights away from you?”

“Slumdog Millionaire” co-stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, who have been dating for four years, don’t have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day this year — or any year — they tell Us Weekly. “I actually am not a big Valentine’s Day supporter,” Pinto says. “I don’t really celebrate it.” Which leaves the perfect opening for Patel to prove what a great boyfriend he is: “Every day should be a celebration of love,” he says. Top that, gentlemen.

David Beckham has been spotted on the field lately sporting a pair of pink sneakers, which got the attention of a few fans. During a Twitter chat for clothing retailer H&M, the soccer star acknowledged his love for the the interesting footwear choice when a fan asked which sneakers were his favorite. “That would have to be my current Adidas boots,” Beckham replied. “They are pink, which I chose because of [baby daughter] Harper.” Beckham also revealed that he expects his family will be spending a “huge amount of time in the U.S. in the future” despite a recent move back to England.

At least one Congressman is challenging Steven Spielberg‘s fact-checking for “Lincoln,” arguing that the film’s depiction of two Connecticut legislators voting against the amendment to abolish slavery is incorrect, according to the Hartford Courant. “How could congressmen from Connecticut — a state that supported President Lincoln and lost thousands of her sons fighting against slavery on the Union side of the Civil War — have been on the wrong side of history?” Connecticut Rep. Joe Courtney asks. “The state’s good name, I personally feel, was tarnished a bit.” Courtney is asking that Spielberg alter the film to reflect this before its DVD release.