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Ticats co-ordinator on shaky ground

While Joe Paopao was fired this week as the offensive co-ordinator of the Hamilton Pussy-Cats, their equally unsuccessful defensive co-ordinator actually received a show of support.

In fact, the Pussy-Cats gave Kavis Reed a vote of confidence of sorts by trading Adriano Belli to Montreal. One of the finest Canadian defensive linemen in the CFL, Belli was dealt Monday after several unpublicized clashes between him and Reed. The two even had to be separated during practices, sources have told Metro. After an altercation the other day, Belli bolted in the middle of practice.

Then he was traded, while Reed gets to stay in Hamilton — for now. Rest assured, however, that Marcel Desjardins — the Burlington, Ont. native hired yesterday as the Pussy-Cats’ new general manager — will gradually clean house. And that’ll include the firing of Reed — and head coach Ron Lancaster.

• There should be no argument that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in history, but there are those who argue emphatically that he isn’t a great athlete. In fact, some suggest he isn’t athletic at all.

Take Deion Sanders, whose athletic skills were irrefutable as he starred in both baseball and in the NFL. His argument: “I don’t think you’re an athlete if you don’t have to get taped up before a game or if you don’t have to sit in a cold tub to get treatment afterward. Golf isn’t an athletic sport.”

• Don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the bogus theatrics from Paul Tracy, who obviously spends too much time watching Don Cherry.

And yet, there are those in and around car racing who think Tracy is saving his so-called sport with all his nonsense.

From writer Bob Margolis of Yahoo Sports: “When it comes to putting on a show, Tracy absolutely gets it!”

Well, I don’t!

• In the NBA, Seattle is about to sign Yotam Halperin, the 53rd choice in the most recent draft. This is significant because the 22-year-old guard will be the NBA’s first Israeli. He’ll be paid $500,000 US, considerably less than he could make in Europe … I hear Raptors star Chris Bosh isn’t impressing the U.S. coaching staff enough and may be cut by the national team … Antonio Davis isn’t retiring. The aging ex-Raptor is on the verge of signing with the Indiana Pacers.

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