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Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump throughout the years

Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump: not a combination you see on TV or hear in the news a lot.

As the youngest daughter and second-youngest child of President Trump, Tiffany Trump should have the ideal situation: She’s too young to hold office in her father’s White House and old enough to live her own life away from the public eye. Unfortunately, being spared the scrutiny of the media and Trump haters appears to also cost her the attention of her own father. Trump has a nasty habit of killing off his second daughter on Twitter, by indicating through comma use that Ivanka is the only daughter in the House of Trump.


Nevertheless, Tiffany Trump gamely takes it in stride, stomping the campaign grounds with her father, promoting the book of the half-sister who gets the bulk of her father’s affection and posting Twitter messages completely free of malice or melancholy.

For Donald Trump’s birthday, his 71st and first in the White House, it was the oft-overlooked Tiffany Trump who posted a photo with her father on his special day — the other Trump children posted pictures of their respective families posed inside and outside the White House. Her persistent absence of pettiness is enough to simultaneous make your heart swell and break. Tiffany’s birthday wishes weren’t just special for actually featuring the man of the hour but also for being the only ones from the family that included the simple familial phrase, “I love you.”



Happy Birthday dad @realdonaldtrump. I love you! ?

A post shared by Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump) on


Partly as justice for sweet Tiffany Trump and partly to soothe our own shattered hearts, we looked up photos of the father-daughter duo over the years. Though there are plenty of touching shots of Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump during his marriage to Marla Maples, Tiffany’s mom, the album wears thin after their divorce. Pictures of Tiffany with her dad weren’t available from 2009 to 2015, when Tiffany started joining panels of her Trump children peers for interviews about their father’s presidential campaign.

It’s not all bad news, though. There has been a flurry of shots since Donald Trump took office, most recently with Tiffany’s snuggly birthday shot. Here’s hoping the trend continues. For now, click through the slides above to see Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump together (when we could find the shots) from 1993, when she was born, until the present.

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