Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic are blissfully far from politics - Metro US

Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic are blissfully far from politics

Tiffany Trump Ross Mechanic Germany

Seems like being President Trump’s least-known child is working for Tiffany Trump.

Tiffany the Obscure and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic have been spotted in Germany, blissfully distant from all Washington, D.C., bickering and awkward hugs with Marco Rubio. The first daughter arrived on Wednesday in all black, looking — according to The Daily Mail – like “the quintessential New Yorker” with her monochromic ensemble.

Life out of the limelight seems good for the first daughter, whose boyfriend met up with her in Germany — in matching black from head to toe, no less. Though flanked by what looked like Secret Service detail, jetting off to Germany after living it up in the Hamptons seems like ample reward for dealing with those Twitter snubs from her father.

After all, her siblings and their significant others aren’t having the greatest of weeks. Ivanka was subject to Marco Rubio’s overly enthusiastic (and obviously unwelcome) embrace in addition to widespread criticism when reports of working conditions in Ivanka Trump clothing factories were released. Her husband, Jared Kushner, was mocked on the Twittersphere for his first speech in the Trump administration. And then, of course, there’s Eric Trump, whose foundation is being looked into by the New York attorney general for allegedly funneling $100,000 meant for child cancer research to the Trump Organization. Of yeah, and he also said that Democrats are “not even people.”

Tiffany and her beau could probably use some time alone after dating long-distance for the past year as Mechanic finished up his degree from the University of Pennsylvania; Tiffany had graduated the year before. It also comes in the glorious lull the first daughter must be enjoying before heading off to Georgetown University in the fall to attend law school.

No word on what the two are doing in Germany, though it seems she enjoys a stress-free relationship with the country despite the German foreign minister’s suggestion that her older sister’s role in the White House stinks of “nepotism.”

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