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Tim Sykes: Money can’t buy love

Tim Sykes and his model girlfriend Bianca, on vacation together. Credit: Wim Lippens Photography Tim Sykes and his model girlfriend Bianca, on vacation together.
Credit: Wim Lippens Photography

I’m so fortunate to be financially independent, have a booming business with thousands of dedicated students, my health, friends and a loving family, but in the past year I have met the girl of my dreams, Bianca. I hope you all have love like this; here are three reasons why my girlfriend is so amazing.

Her personality: smart, savvy, funny, laidback

Despite being a successful model, Bianca is not like the many airhead models I’ve known over the years because she actually has a brain and could probably be an actress or even a comedian too if she wanted. Looks can help you get places in life, but there are limits. Bianca’s wise beyond her years and because of that she’s far more confident than the all-too-familiar female models who know they have nothing else in life other than looks and thus deep down they’re insecure as they understand looks fade over time.Sure, on the surface, we’re the typical model and millionaire couple, but if you’ve been reading my column you know I’m much more than just a millionaire and my girlfriend is much more than just a model, too!

Her looks

While I’m attracted to her personality and who she is, Bianca is single-handedly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I can never take my eyes off her as she has so many beautiful looks, it’s staggering. Go see her Instagram @itsbiancaalexa if you don’t believe me!Her doe-like eyes are large, warm and inviting and I love doing and saying whatever I can to make them sparkle as they were meant to do. Her nose and lips couldn’t be more perfect then if a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon had been their architect (they’re natural) and her Angelina Jolie-esque megawatt smile truly makes my heart skip a beat.I won’t describe her incredible body because there are children reading this, but let’s just say I’m dating a young Kate Moss before all the drugs and alcohol kicked in.

How we are together

We have “it.” It is an indescribable feeling and connection; something that transcends our understanding of the world, but it feels something like when you’re coming home after a long and tiring trip. When I first met Bianca, I knew I had to be with her and we were destined for one another and she felt it, too. We’re extremely fortunate to have found each other at such a young age.

Much has been written, said and debated about true love and yet as I try to describe it now, I’m at a loss for words because there isn’t enough room in this newspaper for me to write every amazing thing I feel. But that feeling is the most important and precious thing in the world.

Things I liked this week:

1. The US stock market keeps hitting new highs, fire at will, there are so many great trades right now!

2. I’m encouraged by the ceasefire in Israel, violence is NEVER the answer and I’m glad that both sides will try to end it.

3. September 9th is officially a big day for new Apple products, the rumored iWatch and more likely the iPhone 6!


Great Britain just raised its terror threat alert to ‘severe’, it’s good to see them taking it seriously as opposed to our President who has no plan yet for Syria, his focus is on his golf tee times.


Yet another star college football player is caught in a lie. I’m so ashamed I won’t even print his name here, but teachers & coaches need to do a better job with our youth.

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