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Tim Tebow, Matt Barkley prepare for final showdown in battle to be QB3

Tim Tebow, Matt Barkley prepare for final showdown in battle to be QB3
Charles Mostoller

TimTebow and Matt Barkley are good friends on and off the football field.

They are also in direct competitionto take the third string quarterback role with the Eagles into the regular season.

And with the final preseason game just days away and roster cuts shortly thereafter, the likelihood of both remaining in Philadelphia is very slim.

So as the Jets game approaches Thursday night, the pressure builds.

“You approach it the exact same,” Tim Tebow said, attempting to take some of the heat off himself.”You try to focus, we don’t game plan too much but you get studying, get ready to go get out there and compete.”

“I always get excited, nervous, anytime I step on the field, practice or a game.”

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Both Barkley and Tebow have their unique advantage in the competition to appear valuable to head coach Chip Kelly.

With Tebow, it’s all about versatility. With his legs and overall strength, the quarterback has the body of a tight end and can make plays with his legs as well as his arm.

For Barkley, three seasons running Chip Kelly’s offense has served him well and gives him his own sort of advantage.

“I have done this before,” Barkley said.”I have played this position for a long time. I know what I am doing. It’s not anything new to me, this offense is second nature to me now. My teammates know what we need to do, it’s not like I am going into an unknown scenario.”

For Tebow, a man known just as much for his play on the football field as for his dedication to his faith, there is no ill-will toward his opponent. In fact, he cheers on Barkley in practice just as much as anyone as they battle to back up Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez.

“You come out here and you compete,” Tebow said. “You root for eachother, you cheer eachother on, that’s something that comes from caring about people. Yeah, you’re competing for something but you want to doit the right way, no matter what’s on line and whats at steak. Opportunities or positions are never more important than character.”

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