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Timeflies brings the party to Island Life concert

Timeflies will be performing alongside Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Keisza and Americ
Rainer Hosch

For years, Timeflies songs about getting drunk and scoring girls’ numbers have been musical bait for college students across the country. And while celebrating good times continues to be a hallmark of the duo, comprised of Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro, they’re quickly garnering mass appeal, thanks in part to being backed by a major record label.

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Work hard, play hard
At first, the guys soaked up the lavish party life of bottle service and hot girls that being an on-the-rise musician attracts. “Oh man, I remember that phase,” Resnick says. “That was a good time in our lives,” Shapiro agrees. They’ve both toned down a bit since then, preferring dive bars to clubs.

“We used to go to Gaslight [in the Meatpacking District] all the time, but stopped going there years ago because they stopped letting you in if you have sneakers,” Resnick says, adding that now they like to hang out at O’Reilly’s on 6th Ave.

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Shots, shots, shots
Their current single “Worse Things Than Love,” features Natalie La Rose and is about living in the moment, a philosophy they both live by. That’s not to say it hasn’t gotten them into trouble. Shapiro recalls one time in particular:

“One time when I was a senior in high school, I did some shots of tequila, just living in the moment and having a good time. The next day, I woke up and had thrown up all over the rug next to my bed. My mom replaced it with this awful plastic rug and said I had to learn from my mistakes.”

“I feel you with that tequila thing,” Resnick says, reminiscing on his own high school experience of too much tequila.

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Soaking it in
These days, the guys bring their party vibes to the stage; their concerts get pretty wild. Their new album “Just For Fun” is out September 18 and Timeflies is kicking off their fall tour with a big show with their Island lablemates Nick Jonas, American Authors, Kiesza and Shawn Mendes.

“We’re living the dream right now,” Shapiro tells us. We’re guessing this is a moment they’ll want to live in for a while.

If you go:
Sep. 8, 6 p.m.
Best Buy Theater
1515 Broadway, 212-930-1940

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