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Time’s running out to enjoy the best black and white cookie in NYC

best black and white cookie in nyc
Photo: By Veganbaking.net from USA, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you really live in New York if you haven’t had one of these traditional cookies? That’s like living here and never having screamed at someone on the subway. Sure, you’re a resident, but you’ve never truly had the New York experience. And if you want the best black and white cookie in NYC, you’re going to have to get it fast because you have less than 10 days to do it before they’re gone for good.

We know “the best” anything is hotly contested in the New York food space, but if NYC food critic Robert Sietsema, Time Out and Men’s Journal all tap the same one as tops, you know the bakery’s on to something. Sietsema did his research, nibbling cookies around NYC to find the best for his book “New York in a Dozen Dishes.” He dubbed this one the best black and white cookie in NYC because of its “very fluffy frosting, and the chocolate is more profuse than the vanilla. The cake is plain, suggesting that the frosting is the cookie’s raison d’être.”

So where can you find the best black and white cookie in NYC?

That would be at the Upper East Side staple Glaser’s. Glaser’s Bake Shop has been turning out traditional cookies and pastries since their doors opened in 1902, which is probably why the family behind this bakery is so ready to retire. Three generations since the start and their cookies, breads and pastries are still pulling in lines of people.

Though the entire neighborhood recognizes the loss, the family’s sticking with their plans to shut the doors for good on July 1, 2018. It’s cash only, so make sure to hit the ATM before you swing by for the best black and white cookie in NYC, which you can enjoy in regular sized or a box of minis.



But don’t just stick to the traditional treats here. They also pump out delicious spins on classic pastries, like their chocolate chip cookie cups that are stuffed with a thick chocolate icing and perfect the cookie-to-topping ratio. Stock up and stash some in your freezer, but know that a large order might come with a warning to make sure you enjoy some broccoli before your sweets (speaking from experience).

Glaser’s Bake Shop

1670 1st Avenue
b/w 87th and 88th
(212) 289-2562


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