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Timothy Sykes: 3 things my mother taught me

Timothy Sykes

I owe everything to my mom. She instilled in me the values that have made me so successful; the values that I now pass down to my students. Here are the most important three lessons she’s taught me.

Lesson #1: Anything is possible
Even though I grew up in the small town of Orange, Connecticut, I was raised to believe that with enough hard work anything is possible, and that’s proven 100 percent true. I wish more parents would teach their children this so kids everywhere would have the same kind of confidence, optimism and ambition that led me to become the multi-millionaire I am today.
Unprecedented economic growth and the Internet allow anyone – no matter their finances, age, sex or background – to study and develop the skills they need to fulfill all their dreams. With enough hard work and study, it can happen much quicker than you realize.
Lesson #2: Success takes practice
I was lucky to get started with stock trading in 1999, during the world’s greatest stock market bubble in history, but unlike so many others who lost all their profits, I held onto my millions and grew them thanks to my endless studying and researching. I have never been lazy nor will I ever be when it comes to my career and I am this way because my mother taught me to be like her. She taught me to work harder and stay later than everyone else and over time, that dedication would pay off. Boy, was she right!
Lesson #3: Learn from your mistakes
Despite my long-term success, I’ve made tons of mistakes along the way and while many people are afraid of making them, I embrace my failures and learn from them. My mother taught me that every mistake you make is actually a good thing because now you know what not to do and these failings help you on your path to success. Yes she’s a very wise woman and sadly, too many people I’ve met and talked with are deathly afraid of mistakes and failure, so much so that they are paralyzed to try new things in fear of screwing up.
Never be afraid of mistakes or failures, we all make them, we’re all human, but those of us who are successful understand they are just part of the process of achieving our dreams so we don’t shy away from them, we embrace them and utilize them as they should be utilized to help us become wiser, more experienced and stronger.
Things I Liked:
1.I now have 116,000+ followers on Instagram @TimothySykes, it’s my fastest growing and most enjoyable social media website right now.
2.We landed a spaceship on a comet. That’s just plain awesome!
3.More and more exposes are coming out of Florida State football, the latest being an unreported hit & run…it’s time we show football players they are not above the law.
Europe is coming down harder on Putin and Russia, good! We must not tolerate over—aggressive governments.
Kim Kardashian keeps getting more press by exploiting her body in new ways, it’s sickening to see what our society loves to gossip about.
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