Tinder reveals its most right-swiped names of 2016 – Metro US

Tinder reveals its most right-swiped names of 2016

“What’s in a name?”

Turns out, a lot. At least in terms of your love life.

Dating app Tinder released its list of the most right-swiped names of 2016 on Thursday, telling us that some names are just, well, hotter than others.

In short, users on their smartphones swipe right on images of people they find attractive and left for people they don’t.

In the U.S., Lucas and Hannah top the list for men and women who had the most right swipes.

Looks like Chad Michael Murray’s studly basketball-playing character from the early 2000sis still the fantasy for most women.

Or perhaps Luke Danes, the coffee-slinging, flannel-clad heartthrob of “Gilmore Girls” fame, whose revival earlier this season reminded us why he’s the best man for Lorelei, ever.

Lucas has quickly risen in popularity, too. In 1990, the name was the 112th most common boys name. In 2016, it’s No. 5. Hannah, meanwhile, has dropped in popularity since the late ’90s. Fellas, hold on to your Hannahs: They’re getting more rare every year.

Following Lucas, Ryan, Matthew, Nick and Josh round out the top five. For the women, it seems classic names are back in fashion: Emma, Lauren, Julia and Emily follow Hannah closely.

Is your name considered the hottest? Find out below.

The most right-swiped male names:

1. Lucas

2. Ryan

3. Matthew

4. Nick

5. Josh

6. Brandon

7. Justin

8. Ben

9. Adam

10. Andrew

The most right-swiped female names:

1. Hannah

2. Emma

3. Lauren

4. Julia

5. Emily

6. Rachel

7. Samantha

8. Katie

9. Anna

10. Sara

For our friends across the pond, the most popular names on Tindermore closely follow British royalty. Not so in the U.S., where biblical and celebrity names, like Adam — of Eve fame — andEmma (Watson? Stone? Roberts?) are more likely to get liked.

(This reporter met her boyfriend on Tinder. His perennially unpopular name, Devin, worked to her advantage — or perhaps his disadvantage — and the rest is history.)