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Tip your hats off to head wear

It’s time to learn your trilbys from your Panamas. After surfacing all over the runways and the city streets, hats have become an unavoidable men’s trend.

Classic hats such as the panama and the trilby can be a great center-piece for an outfit that gives men a certain aplomb and refinement. Trilbys and panamas were also at the center of many of the men’s spring/summer ’10 shows.

We take a look at some of the season’s best offerings (pictured above).

The way to wear them

“Hat wearing is always the choice of the wearer. Wear a trilby at a different angle — tilted back to look nonchalant and relaxed, straight to look sharp and clean cut or angled to the side for a different mood again,” says Janet Taylor.

For sizing advice visit: lockhatters.co.uk.

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