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Tips to make your old place feel like new

For homeowners stuck in a selling stalling pattern, don’t just kick back and let the place crumble until you move. Instead, ask these two questions:

Do I really need to move right now, and why didn’t it sell? Then, take action, advises Jeff Kaliner, founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Power Home Remodeling Group, which has branches throughout the Northeast and specializes in siding and windows.

“First, decide whether you want to increase the home’s appeal to sell it, or to make it more comfy for you and your family,” says Kaliner. Any makeover will add new appeal to a home you have tired of, plus, it’ll add eye appeal when you decide to put it back on the market. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money,” he says. “[There are] many things you can do yourself.” Kaliner gives us some ideas.

Replace doorknobs

This is another easy way to change the look of a room, or the whole house. “This is such a simple thing. You can change cabinet knobs or doorknobs throughout,” he says.

Replace fixtures and fittings

Whether it’s light fittings or bathroom fixtures, replacing old tatty ones or matching up finishes is a simple way to streamline a room. “You can change from shiny brass to oil rubbed, or something like that,” he suggests. “It makes a huge difference inside.”

Keep up with repairs

Whether you decide to stay or keep trying to sell, if your home needs some love, get to it. “You don’t always get a 100 percent return on what you spend,” says Kaliner. “Rather than increase the value, a well-kept home means you haven’t allowed value to decrease.”

Update basic systems

“If your heating system or water pump or any other basic system is older, think about replacing it. Make sure that the basic guts of the home are working properly and up-to-date.”

Install new windows

Not only does it look better; you cut your home’s energy use. “If everyone in your neighborhood has new windows and you don’t, your home is at a disadvantage,” he says.

Do some landscaping

“Clean up! This increases curb appeal,” says Kaliner. “It’s something you can do yourself. Do some planting, cut shrubs and clear the bicycles off the lawn.”

Wash exterior walls

Mold, dirt and discoloration can make paintwork and siding look unappealing. “Maybe you don’t need new siding or even new paint. I just power-washed my house and it looks like new,” says Kaliner.

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