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’Tis the season for resourcefulness

Being resourceful throughout the holidays saves you money and reduces waste.

For example, going all out on wrapping paper and bows kills trees and costs a few dollars per present. Why not reuse gift bags you’ve accumulated throughout the year?

Or, if you’ve prepared baked goods, give them out in reusable (and returnable) Tupperware rather than in disposable plastic baggies.

Check your jacket pockets, purses, in between the couch cushions and in junk drawers for coins or bills.

Do you have partially used gift cards taking up space in your wallet? Have you cashed in all your Groupons?

Use up any leftover pennies, dollars and coupons toward gift purchases.

Next, check for re-gift opportunities. Did you get duplicate copies of your favourite book for your birthday?

Or did you win an iPod at work that you don’t need because your existing one is perfectly fine?

Don’t be embarrassed by re-gifting. If you can’t use something, give it away. Otherwise it’ll go to waste and collect dust.

What loyalty programs do you belong to? Air Miles, Aeroplan, credit card rewards, grocery store points?

Depending on your loyalty program you could cash in your points for gifts such as electronics or travel. If you’re of the mindset that you should keep saving up your points for a massive trip in a few years from now, think again.

The longer you wait to redeem points, the more likely it is the point system will change and adjust to the increasing cost of providing the rewards.

Thus, your points become less ‘rewarding’ over time. Take advantage of them this holiday season and save money!

Saving money throughout the holidays isn’t the same as being a cheapskate. Both your bank account and the environment benefit from your resourcefulness.

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