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TLC mulls green as color choice for hail livery cabs

New Yorkers could be hailing emerald taxis before long. That’s if the color is approved as the new look for livery cabs that want permits to pick up passengers in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

The city will issue roughly 6,000 permits on the condition that the hail livery cars are noticeably different from traditional yellow taxis. Green, so far, is the color of choice.

“Blue to a certain degree is associated with the police, red with emergency vehicles. Finally someone mentioned green, and it sounded like a pretty good idea when it comes to identifying the car,” said Livery Base Owners Association spokeswoman Cira Angeles to WYNC. “I, personally, love green.”

The Taxi and Limousine Commission hasn’t made the final decision, but a poll on WNYC lets voters choose between shades of green including electric lime, sea green, shamrock, forest green or a different color all together. So far, electric lime is in the lead.

The TLC is expected to settle on a color and make an announcement in the spring. The unique colored liveries will include most of the amenities of traditional cabs: roof lights, credit card machines and meters. They will pick up passengers above West 110th street and East 96th in Manhattan and in the outer boroughs with the exception of airports.

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