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Today in hoaxes: Judd Nelson is doing just fine

Mary Phillips, Getty Images

​ After rumors surfaced that “Breakfast Club” star Judd Nelson died over the weekend, the actor took to the internet to prove that it was all a hoax. The LA times tweeted out a picture of Nelson holding up today’s edition of the Times to prove that he was still kicking.

Just how did this celebrity hoax happen? Well, a fake Fox News site tweeted out the news. Per our helpful friends at Snopes , the rumor surfaced through a site with the URL www.foxnews.es, which is not actually affiliated with the network. The site claimed Nelson had been found dead at his apartment in West Hollywood. The actor’s agent, Greg Klein, tweeted out the picture of the actor holding the paper this morning, and his manager,Jean-Pierre Henraux,told the Times he had no idea where the rumor started. Nelson is apparently in “perfect” shape and shooting a guest appearance on “Empire.”

You may now continue with your Sunday, free from the terrible fear that you’ve lost Bender from “The Breakfast Club.” He’s doing fine.

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