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Toilets go the quiet, high-tech route

Touted as ‘the original plumbing solution,’ macerating toilet systems have widely been viewed as a functional, but noisy alternative for situations where installing a bathroom with a conventional toilet would be impossible or cost-prohibitive.

These systems have come a long way since being introduced to the Canadian market more than 20 years ago and new models are coming into favour with consumers looking to increase the number of washrooms in their homes.

A new generation of high-tech macerating toilets, including Quiet Range models by Saniflo, have upped the ante by eliminating much of the sound produced by the units.

“The development of the Quiet Range represents a major technological improvement compared to previous models,” says Daniel Cayer, national sales manager at Saniflo Canada. “The Quiet

Range line addresses consumers’ requests for a quieter product by incorporating state-of-the-art noise reduction technology as well as improved performance and a sleek new design.”

More info available at saniflo.ca.

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