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Tom Brady out Bieber-ing Justin Bieber again (sigh)

You know those gossipy trash magazines your girlfriend reads?

You know that section called, “Stars! They’re just like us!?”

Of course you don’t, you’re a man.

Well, there is one certain local quarterback that not only likely reads this section on a weekly basis, he probably also points and laughs at it.

“Ha, look at Danny Devito taking out his own trash! What a loser!”

Sorry, Fitzy, Sammy, Joey and Sully, but Tom Brady ain’t like us … at all.

He was spotted roaming Newbury Street in Boston this past weekend and showed up to some trendy boutique looking like a 1930s paper boy (picture above). In the words of Charles Barkley, somewhere Larry Bird is rolling over in his grave.

If the Patriots are fortunate enough to make the Super Bowl again next year, I think they should dump Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” as their entrance music in favor of the theme song to Paper Boy (vastly underrated game by the way):

Apparently the nerd look is in nowadays, but this is getting out of control.
It seems every offseason, our beloved quarterback out-Metrosexuals himself.
Thanks again, Gisele.

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