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Tomi Lahren says Trump hugging a flag is #relationshipgoals, Twitter disagrees

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The ever-inflammatory Tomi Lahren was back at it on Wednesday when she tweeted out two old photographs on Twitter showing President Donald Trump hugging the American flag.

#RelationshipGoals Lahren wrote.

The caption? “Find someone who treats you like Trump treats America.”

The flag has been a particularly hot button issue for the Fox News contributor of late. Lahren has been repeatedly criticized the ongoing NFL protests by players choosing to kneel or take a knee during the national anthem.

Like Trump, Larhen has called out the move as disrespectful to the country and the flag. The silent protests waged during “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which is played before every game, is meant to call attention to social and racial injustice in American and show solidarity with those oppressed by a country rife with systemic racism.

Lahren, an outspoken conservative voice, wears he patriotism on her sleeve and has a penchant for riling up the left with her divisive comments. Unsurprisingly, the people of Twitter didn’t let this one slide by.

“So your goal is to be loved like an inadequate object? And by a man like that? Dream bigger!!! And get your own healthcare for Christ sake,” tweeted “Days of Our Lives” star Billy Flynn.

We’re pretty sure he meant to say “inanimate” object, but the point still resonates, Billy boy.

Others focused on pointing out Trump’s sketchy history with women and consent.

“Looks like he’s humping the flag…UGH!” tweeted @mdp919.

“I don’t think that flag gave him permission to do that…but hey, that’s Trump!” wrote @mamvj404.

“The flag never gave its consent.” Tweeted @jowana.

“It’s interesting that you chose how he treats America (which is shitty) instead of how he treats women (also shitty, for the record),” tweeted @PinotYouDidnt.

“Lol he hugs the flag but doesn’t give a shit about the diverse people and values it stands for,” tweeted @_tea_bear.

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