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Tommy Jordan: A lesson in Facebook parenting

We’ve all seen friends putting things online they shouldn’t. Some of us are guilty of it ourselves. Few of us, though, have had a repercussion as dramatic as this.

This is the story of one teen who decided to whine online, and created an Internet firestorm.

When Tommy Jordan’s daughter decided to complain about her family (and life in general) on the web, she was probably just being a normal teen, innocently looking for affirmation from friends and support for her general worldview. To ensure that her parents didn’t see her angry posts, she then proceeded to block her parents on Facebook.

Well, as most of us have discovered, Facebook’s blocking tools are not fool-proof. When Tommy Jordan discovered his daughter’s rant he took matters into his own hands, making a video blog response as well as destroying his daughter’s computer.

Do you think Jordan was over the line? After all, if you’re angry with your daughter for broadcasting her issues on Facebook, broadcasting your issues with her on YouTube seems counter-productive.

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