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Top 10 ways to amuse yourself on ETS

I’ve been known to rant and rave about the inefficiencies of Edmonton Transit’s routes, with their winding, circuitous and indirect nature, or how they sometimes sit and idle for ridiculous amounts of time at stops and transit centres.

But today I thought I would put a positive spin on things. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to amuse yourself while winding your way around on ETS.

10. Read a book or newspaper.

9. Start a conversation with a stranger. Sure, sometimes the drivers and patrons can be surly and unpleasant, but my experience has been that the unpleasant ones are the exception to the rule, and you can find yourself in some very interesting conversations if you give it a try.

8. Catch up on work or homework.

7. My best friend once told me years ago that her secret guilty form of entertainment while on the bus was to sit at the very back and pass gas — she would then amuse herself by watching the faces of people sitting further forward as the odour wafted and giggle at their disgusted looks.

6. Read the vandalism on the bus. Seriously, what is it with kids these days and vandalizing buses with their Nexopia names?

5. Knit everyone on the bus a tuque — not only will you probably have enough time, but you’ll have something warm to wear when you’re freezing waiting for the next transfer.

4. Sit at the back of the bus and sing. I think it’s a little odd idea myself, but a friend of mine insists it’s a great way to entertain oneself — and a great idea if you like lots of personal space since the people around you might get up and move away. Just be careful not to annoy the driver and get yourself kicked off the bus.

3. If singing on the bus isn’t your thing, you could always enjoy listening to your CD or MP3 player.

2. Sleep — just be careful not to miss your stop. You should also be careful not to cuddle next to the person next to you or drool all over them … most people dislike that.

1. Write a column on the top 10 ways to entertain yourself while riding the bus.

– Brendan Van Alstine is a registered social worker and founding member of the Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton. He relies exclusively on transit, his bicycle and walking for transp­ortation; [email protected].