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Top 11 funniest commercials in Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is good for many things: football (to state the obvious), an excuse to eat food (because all that adrenaline makes you hungry) and, no doubt, the commercials.

Even if you’re not into sports or your team isn’t contending, you’re most likely watching for the last two reasons — the commercials are entertaining and good food plus good television equals one happy viewer.

While the Eagles and Pats battled it out, Super Bowl LII ads were no exception. From Chris Pratt (and his abs) to “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage and the legendary Morgan Freeman, brands brought out the big guns this year. Here are Metro’s picks for the Top 11 funniest commercials from Super Bowl 2018. (Because picking 10 was just too hard.) 

11. Avocados From Mexico – “Bubble Dome Riot”

Favorite line: (After chaos ensues…) “Avocados taste great on lots of things! See? Avocado toast!”

10. Sprint – “Do the Math and Switch to Sprint”

Favorite line: “You got a dumb face.”

9. Groupon – “Who Wouldn’t?”

Favorite line: “It didn’t feel good for him though (*cue laughter*).”

8. Bud Light – “The Bud Knight” and “Battle Pep Talk” (We couldn’t choose)

Favorite line: “Men, women, Dilly Dilly!” (Because “Dilly Dilly” is just the funniest phrase to say. Go on…say it. “Dilly Dilly!”)

7. Rocket Mortgage – (We’re calling this one, “Brutally Honest”)

Favorite line: “It’s just a gray dot.”

6. Michelob ULTRA – “The Perfect Fit”

Favorite line: “Who’s the character? Michelob Picklestein. Michelob, my name is Tommy Ultra. Tommy Ultra?!”

5. Pringles – “Wow”

Favorite line: “Nobody asked you, Kevin!”

4. M&M – “Human”

Favorite line: “You’re still short and bald.”

3. Mountain Dew/Doritos Blaze – “Blaze vs. Ice”

Favorite line: Literally ALL of it. (Sorry, couldn’t choose.)

2. Amazon – “Did Alexa Lose Her Voice?”

Favorite line: (After boy asks how far Mars is…) *Cue Cardi B* “Okurrr. How far is Mars? How am I supposed to know? I’ve never been there. This guy wanna go to Mars! For what? There’s not even oxygen there.”

1. Febreze – “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

Favorite line: “My friend, her son’s a lawyer. But my son…his bleep don’t stink.”

And if you’re crushed by the Eagles’ 41 to 33 win, at least you have these commercials to help dry those late-night tears. 

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