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Top 5 storylines to watch when NFL training camp kicks off next week

Sam Bradford is the highest paid Eagle by a large margin.
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It’s no secret, the NFL never sleep. Except for in July.

With the end of the NFL’s dormant, hibernation during the dog days of summer about to subside (most teams begin their camps August 2), there are no shortage of storylines all across the football landscape that will reemerge as the preseason begins.

Whether it’s a living legend hoping to bounce back or a completely revamped roster, each team’s offseason has a story to tell.

Here’s a brief peak at the five stories we at Metro will be watching as two-a-days, HBO’s Hard Knocks and 7-on-7 drills heat up in August.

Sam Bradford 2.0

The circus is still in town, in its third season in South Philadelphia as Chip Kelly opens camp with looking to give Sam Bradford a big second chance.

Or third chance, depending on how you count. The former Heisman winner was acquired in a shocking trade involving Nick Folesand the Rams earlier this offseason. Though he’s participated — albeit not at full capacity — during Eagles OTAs, it’s anyones guess if he will be able to run the high-powered Birds offense.

Since New Years day 2013, Bradford has played just seven football games. And the backup options in Philly include Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Eagles fans better hope Kelly knows what he’s doing. The rest of us can enjoy the suspense and intrigue.

Peyton Manning 3.0

Okay, so it’s not exactly a comeback. Manning played well enough to carry the Broncos into the playoffs again before fading late in the year.

Is his agestarting to finally show?

John Fox is gone and the Gary Kubiakera is beginning in Denver, one that appears to be well-suited for the 18-year veteran.Even though Manninglost tight end Julius Thomas to free agency, the Broncos one-two punch is as good as any in football withDemaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders set to return.

This could be Manning’s last chance, and it all starts this August on the practice field.

Tom Brady: the saga continues

Deflate-gate really dominated the football conversation from the Super Bowl on. And even though the appeal process is well under-way and Brady’s fate is yet unknown, it will be interesting to see how things go down in New England after a verdict is reached.

Sure, there is a good chance Brady’s four-game suspension is relinquished and things are back to status quo in Foxboro. But things could certainly get interesting if Brady’s suspension is upheld.

Will the Patriots take the punishment or will the fight for Brady become a distraction?

Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston: collision course

Will Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston be ready for the spotlight when Week 1 arrives?

It doesn’t matter, both appear to be their respective teams starters and they are on a collision course when the Titans and Buccaneers face off in the season opener. It could be the start of something great, a division-rivalry rooted in the stellar pedigree of the No. 1 and 2 overall picks.

Or they could wind up as busts. Pay close attention to their performances during preseason Week 3, where they will play into the third quarter.

Super Bowl hangover?

The Seahawks lost in perhaps the most shocking and disappointing fashion in sports history. But the gang is, more or less, back intact looking to get to their third straight Super Bowl.

With new addition Jimmy Graham on board and Marshawn Lynch returning the offense looks to be better than last year. But questions remain.

Can Cary Williams replace Byron Maxwell at cornerback? Will Russell Wilson play the year without his new contract? Stay tuned.

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