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Top chefs share their recipes in UNICEF’s new book, ‘UNICHEF’

“UNICHEF” comes out September 26.
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Forty of the world’s most respected chefs, including Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse are sharing their cooking secrets, all in support of UNICEF. In the new book, “UNICHEF,” the chefs each share a recipe and an autobiographical story of the cultural and personal significance of food. All the royalties from the book – a full 100 percent – go directly to The U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

Food conjures up warm memories for everyone and the hope is that with the profits from “UNICHEF,” children who do not have regular access to food will also be fed, so they can experience the joys of sharing a meal; a simple joy everyone deserves.

Hilary Gumbel, who is a member on The U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s board of directors conceptualized the book and contacting the world renowned chefs in hopes they would all collaborate on this project. “Each chef who contributed to this book said yes, because it meant they were going to be helping to provide children and their families with the means to a better life,” Gumbel says in the book’s introduction. “I only had to explain that my goal was to maximize the strength and visibility they could bring to UNICEF’s mission of helping others. Each chef generously donated recipes, photographs and time in an effort to build this mosaic volume of traditions, tastes, foods and cultural values.

The result is a beautiful hardcover book full of glossy photos and delicious recipes from around the world. Daniel Boulud tells a childhood memory of tending to his grandmother’s farm and shares his recipe for short ribs miroton. Cat Cora talks about her mother making her favorite meal, kota kapama (chicken stewed in garlic and cinnamon) on her birthday. Wolfgang Puck reminisces about his mother’s delicious holiday cookies, which he devoured while growing up in Austria. The stories themselves are as rich as the recipes.

“UNICHEF” will be available for purchase at HSN.com, Glitteratilncorporated.com, Amazon.com and shop/unifecusa.orgstarted September 26.

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