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Top Five golf course rules

Though you may be a beginner, there’s no reason why you can’t comport yourself on the fairways like a seasoned pro. Here’s how.

1. Avoid slow play
Always be ready to hit the ball when it’s your turn. Limit yourself to one or two practice swings. Keep up with the group in front of you. And allow faster golfers to play through.

2. Silence is golden
Never talk when a partner is preparing to hit his ball. Never curse out loud after a bad shot. Turn off your damn cellphone!

3. Help maintain the course
Always fix ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots. It’s the responsibility of every golfer to leave the course in the same — or even better — shape than he or she found it.

4. Dress properly
Avoid short-shorts, T-shirts, blue jeans and halter tops. Also, for pity’s sake, no golf caps turned backwards.

5. Pick up your ball
When you’ve dribbled one off the tee, or failed to get out of a bunker after two or three attempts, pick up your ball and move on. You’re still too inexperienced to worry about posting a score. Anyway, there’s always the next hole.

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