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Top sexy places to stay for two

When travelling solo, anything goes — but when vacationing with your sweetie, half of the allure is having sex on a different bed, soaping each other up in a different shower. In other words, the hotel is key. Here are Metro’s picks for Canada’s most romantic couples hotels.

Castle Moffett, Baddeck, N.S.
Granted, the bagpipe music that bleats from their website is enough to deflate any stirrings beneath the kilt. However, Scottish-themed Castle Moffett is located on a 200-acre lakeside estate in Cape Breton, which should be music to any couple’s ears. But if the old-world décor and the romance deals (from two to 10 days) aren’t sufficient bait, there is always the salmon fly-fishing package. castlemoffett.com or 1-888-756-9070.

Emerald Lake Lodge, Field, B.C.
Adding a vibrating device to your bedroom hijinks ain’t a bad idea — unless it’s a cellphone. Say goodbye to techno threesomes with your BlackBerry at Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park. There is no mobile phone reception, nor is there television or internet in the rooms, leaving you free to browse the timbered lodge, wild Rocky Mountain setting and each other’s caches instead. emeraldlakelodge.com or 250-343-6321.

La Maison Pierre du Calvet, Montreal, Qué.
For a dangerous liaison with indulgence and European charm, check into this sumptuous “hotel-château” in the heart of Old Montreal. Built in 1725, the exposed-stone walls, four-poster beds and wood beams support the fact that it’s the oldest historical house-hotel in Montreal. pierreducalvet.com or 514-282-1725.

The Couples Resort, Algonquin Park, Ont.
It’s like summer camp, except everyone has already hooked up. Catering to 48 pairs, this couples-only resort in Ontario’s favourite wilderness reserve is open year-round and offers activities like horseback riding, dogsledding and boating. There are basic rooms, fancier digs and “exotic” rooms with animal-print decor. Towel-turned-loincloth, anyone? couplesresort.ca or 613-637-2662.

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