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Tormund from Game Of Thrones without a beard is just weird

Tormund standing tall

If you’re a devout Game Of Thrones fan, you’re more than used to the shocks and surprises that it throws your way. But even viewers that stood firm and stoic in the face of the Red Wedding and The Mountain’s fight with Red Viper will struggle to stomach the sight of Tormund without his beard.

Following Tormund’s heroic efforts in Beyond The Wall, the second to last episode of Game Of Thrones season 7, the internet soon started to wax lyrical about the character. That was up until they were reminded of what he looks like without his famous ginger fuzz. You can see for yourself by looking below.

Here’s the thing: It’s not that Kristofer Hivju looks bad without the beard. Far from it, in fact, as it feels as though the actor is looking straight into my soul in the above image, while he clearly has cheekbones to die for. But it’s just weird.

What Kristofer Hivju really needs to do is make sure that Gwendoline Christie approves of the above image, because if she turns up her nose at it, it could bring an immediate end to the festering romance between their respective characters Tormund and Brienne Of Tarth. Hopefully their love is deeper than a thick, red beard.

Some Game Of Thrones fans weren’t quite as understanding, though, as they quickly registered their dismay just at the mere sight of Kirstofer Hivju in this manner. 

If the sight of Kristofer Hivju wasn’t enough to immediately ruin your day, then the actor’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter might do just that. The Norwegian actor told the website that even though he survived Beyond The Wall, he doesn’t feel as though his character is “safe at all.”

We’ll find out if Tormund can make it to the Game Of Thrones final season when the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, The Dragon And The Wolf, airs on Sunday August 27.